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      Epic Winter

      The winter holidays are here and we'd love to see what you are up to. What part of the world you're discovering? Post a photo/video of your trip on our Facebook wall & in the caption add the #EpicWinter hashtag! 

      If you have one of our hoodies, take us with you and feature us in your snap. If not feel free to get creative with our logo!

      You can also follow us and share your photo with us on Instagram @prodivelordhowe

      Warm, wonderful winter!

      The beautiful weather has continued through winter so far and we are available for shore dives with prior arrangement. Please contact us if you are interested.

      Outstanding May Weather!

      The end of season weather has been amazing. A high pressure system has positioned itself over the island resulting in blue bird days and very little wind. This unseasonably good weather has allowed us to access some outstanding dive sites including North Rock, Roach Wall Drift and for the first time this season; The Triangle.