Introductory Dive

A 3 hour introduction to SCUBA diving, perfect for those wanting to experience the adventure of diving without committing to the Open Water Course

After watching a quick DVD on SCUBA diving and completing a review, our instructor will show you through the basics of using SCUBA equipment. Once completed, you will proceed to the shallow waters of the lagoon, just deep enough so you can still stand up, where you will sit with your instructor and experience those first few breaths underwater. After spending a few moments practicing you will be taught four important dive skills. Finally, you have your confidence you will enjoy your first dive with your instructor at a maximum depth of 12 metres.

You may upgrade and complete your Open Water Course. You will receive the cost of your Introductory Dive off your Open Water Course. Upon completion you will receive a Certificate of Recognition.

You may also opt to do a second dive (double dive) with the Instructor. 

Please note:

The minimum age to complete this experience is 10yrs.

If you suffer from any of the following you will require a doctors approval prior to commencing the dive. Asthma or wheezing, fainting, seizures or black outs, chronic bronchitis or consistent chest complaints, chronic sinus conditions, chest surgery, Recurrent ear problems when flying, epilepsy, diabetes, tuberculosis or other long term lung disease, brain, spinal cord or nervous disorder, heart disease of any kind, collapsed lung, ear surgery, breathlessness, chronic ear discharge or infection, high blood pressure, perforated ear drum, other illness or operation 1 month prior. Also some medications and consumption of alcohol within 8 hours may prevent you from diving.

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