Underwater Photo Shootout with Scott Portelli

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Date: 2nd - 11th June 2018


  • Return flights from Sydney
  • Airport transfers
  • 9 nights accommodation staying at Leanda Lei Apartments
  • 10 Dive Package
  • 2 Night Dives
  • Morning refreshments on dive days (tea, coffee, biscuits)
  • Dinner (2 course) at Anchorage Restaurant on arrival day 
  • BBQ Dinner
  • Gala Dinner and Awards Ceremony at the Golf Club
  •  Additions:

    • Attend workshops with Award winning Wildlife & Underwater Photographer Scott Portelli to learn more about your photography or tweak what you already know. Workshops will include practical and in classroom techniques. 

    Scott Portelli is an award winning wildlife, nature, aerial and underwater photographer with a background in journalism and media. His photography has been highly awarded internationally and is recognised for its unique ability to capture rare moments in time.

    A member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) he is regarded as a leading professional in his field. Scott has spent thousands of hours in remote locations across the globe filming and photographing wildlife, the underwater environment and wild places.


    Competition Rules
    1. Only images taken between the 2nd – 9th June 2018 will be eligible for entry in the competition
    2. Competition submissions will need to be provided to the organisers by 9am on the 9th June 2018
    3. Upon submitting images to the competition, participants confirm their agreement with these rules and regulations
    4. All competition categories are open to all participants
    5. Participants can enter up to 3 images in each category, but no more than 20 images in total across all categories
    6. Images submitted to any of the categories should comply with all category requirements, as described in details on the Competition Categories page
    7. Images submitted to the competition may be taken during day or night
    8. Images submitted to the competition must be taken either underwater or half-half
    9. Participants must shoot in RAW format in addition to corresponding JPEG files (please consult with the organisers upon registration if this option is not available for you)
    10. Minor enhancements of photos using imaging software, such as colour, contrast enhancements and backscatter removal, minimal cropping are permitted. Image editing that alters the main content of the photo, such as removing objects and/or implanting foreign elements, is not permitted
    11. Any photo revealed as being altered will be disqualified and the photographer himself/herself may also be disqualified. The organisers and the judges have the authority to determine whether a photo has been manipulated according to their judgment
    12. During the Lord Howe Island Shootout event, the first judgment phase will take place, resulting with 10 finalists images within each category
    13. Participants who have reached these semi-final stages will be asked to provide original image files in RAW and JPEG. Note that these files are requested for validation purposes and participants who fail to provide these original files as requested will be disqualified
    14. All Lord Howe Island Shootout winners will be announced at the Gala dinner ceremony, which takes place on Sunday 9th June 2018
    15. It is absolutely forbidden to make any kind of barters between photographers and to submit photos in one's own name but which another  photographer has taken. The competition is conducted individually and rules of ethics must be adhered to



    The composition may be of animals or seascapes underwater but must be taken with a wide-angle lens anywhere around Lord Howe Island, including the Admiralty Islands and Balls Pyramid. Split shots and half/half are not eligible in this category.


    The composition may be close-up/macro/super macro images taken anywhere around Lord Howe Island, including the Admiralty Islands and Balls Pyramid. 

    Black & white

    Photos in this category should be Black and White in the final submission (post processing can be used to create a Black and White image). The tonal range should be used to enhance the black and white elements of the image.

    Endemic species

    Fish and marine life only found in the waters around Lord Howe Island, these include but are not limited to: Ballina Angelfish, McCulloch Anemone Fish, Double Header Wrasse, Lord Howe Island Moray Eel. 

    Split (Over/under shot)

    The composition needs to show above and below the surface in one composition. These shots are known as split shots, half/half or over/unders.


    For wide angle to close-up and macro images featuring the unique character of the marine animal as well as express a sense of tenderness and immediacy. 


    Picture must capture the audience’s attention, using wide angle to close-up and macro images showing interesting natural behaviour of underwater life. It is essential to show genuine behaviour, we are looking for images with aesthetic appeal.


    The portfolio is one of the most challenging categories, it should consist of a series of 5 pictures that depict a theme, or diversity of species, or pristine environment. We are looking for the wow factor, but we are looking for genuine photographic merit and must be thought provoking. 

    Video (under 2 mins)

    A video clip up to 120 seconds taken day or night should be submitted to this category. The theme of the video clip is open and can be set according to the videographer’s choice. 65% of the video clip must be shot underwater. Video clips submitted may include a soundtrack, headings, credits, textual elements and other features. All elements will be accounted as part of the maximum video duration.


    • The final list of prizes will be published on the competition website only on May 31st, 2018. Prizes published prior to this date may vary and cannot be considered as final.
    • Dive safaris and trips awarded, as prizes may not include air travel, taxes and other expenses, unless stated otherwise by the relevant sponsor.
    • Prizes do not include shipment and potential import tax fees in the respective home countries of participants.
    • For the sake of eliminating possible misunderstandings, at the time of the winning ceremony, only symbolic vouchers or letters will be awarded to the winners. The actual prize will be awarded later, in accordance with the respective sponsor.

     Use of Photographs

    • By participating in the competition, participants agree that the submitted photos and videos in all categories may be used or reproduced for the media coverage of this event and for the promotion of future competitions in all media channels, including TV, Internet, written publications and more.
    • Competition organisers reserve the right to make use of images and videos submitted to the competition for the purpose of publishing a competition album, calendars, and any other use that promotes future competitions or found useful by the production.
    • Submitted materials shall indefinitely remain in the producers' archives without the requirement of further permission for usage.
    • Photo and video credits will be given to the photographer when applicable.
    • Submission of materials and participation in the competition entails an automatic acceptance of all the above.
    • Use of images as described above will require no additional written or verbal permissions from the photographer.


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