Nitrox Compressor on Island!

Our brand new Nitrox Compressor arrived on island last Sunday courtesy of The Island Trader! She is sitting nicely in the shed next to her sister MCH16 Nuvair Air Compressor. 

If you are on island, pop down to check it out!

Nitrox on Lord Howe Island!

We are pleased to announce that we have just purchased a Nuvair Voyager I Nitrox System!

Divers can now complete their Nitrox Certification training during their visit and enjoy all the spectacular diving Lord Howe offers with longer bottom times.

We will also continue to operate our 7am dives for advanced divers looking to do Exploratory Diving on a virgin relic barrier reef on the outer shelf that surrounds the island. Most of the 149.9 square kilometres of structure has never been dived before and with an average depth of 30M, Nitrox was the next logical step.

We would like to thank our friends from Pro Diving Services who we purchased the system from. Not only did they source it for us quickly from the USA and have it on display at OzTek in Sydney last weekend, they also provide ongoing support and training on the system for the life of the compressor. The Voyager I is a medium sized Nitrox system that allows you to use either air or Nitrox (with 40% Nitrox capability). It’s one of the “workhorse” Nitrox compressors in the industry, fitted with high quality filtrate, dual O2 analysers, a CO2 scrubber and a CO2 analyser.

The system should be online and functioning by the end of April 2017 and will work in conjunction with our existing Nuvair HP compressor. It will also give us a bonus redundancy factor and allows us to double our air filling capacity.

Dive somewhere new this year with Pro Dive Lord Howe Island!

March 25, 2017

Domain and Email Down

Unfortunately our domain and email host company had technical issues and our website and email was down for the past 72hrs. If you need to contact us please phone (612) 6563 2253 or email until it has been resolved.

We apologise for the inconvenience. If you did send an email and have not had a reply, kindly re send it so we can respond.

Many thanks,

Lisa and team.

February 07, 2017

The boy's weekend at Elizabeth Reef!

Instructors Aaron Ralph and Pat Horgan along with two Lord Howe locals Blake Thompson and Brenden Kong spent their weekend diving on one of the most remote and pristine reefs in the world. They travelled 100nm north of Lord Howe Island to Elizabeth Reef. In their words, it was "absolutely incredible".

FYI that is our dive boat in the passage.

Image by Blake Thompson

October 13, 2016

PADI Freediver Course this summer!

Learn to Freedive with Pro Dive Lord Howe Island. The Island's lagoon provides brilliant locations to learn

Bookings for December 2016 - February 2017 only!

For more info, visit -


October 01, 2016

Feature on Network Ten's The Living Room

Great episode last week on The Living Room with Chris Brown. We had a ball showing off the beautiful diving around Lord Howe Island and Balls Pyramid. 

Aaron also sent him through the 'Eye of Raoch' at the Admiralty Islands on one of our SUPs!! It was magical.

Our Favourite Dive Spot on Lord Howe

Pro Dive on Lord Howe Island has maintained its reputation as one of Australia’s premier diving operators since its inception in 1978. Diving is one of the best ways to explore our beautiful island. Come and see for yourself!

No matter what skill level or how much experience you have when it comes to diving, Pro Dive has a class for you. Beyond the introductory course, Pro Dive also offers certifications, open water courses, eLearning, a scuba review course, and an underwater photography workshop for those who wish to explore more.

Are you ready to dip your toes into diving, or jump in all the way? Either way, Pro Dive Lord Howe Island offers the perfect class set in a gorgeous location to make the most of it.

We were recently asked to contribute our favourite diving location for an article by Bupa Travel Insurance. Arguably the most sought after location to dive around Lord Howe Island is Balls Pyramid. This monolith is the world’s tallest sea stack and soars out of the South Pacific Ocean half a kilometre straight into the air. The diving around the Pyramid is as spectacular as the scene above the water with huge schools of Yellow Tail Kingfish and Amberjack, massive Marbled Rays, forests of Black Coral Trees and it is the only known place in the world where one can see the elusive Ballina Angelfish on recreational scuba.

Read the full article for more inspiration on diving in Australia, ‘Scuba Diving Adventures Around Australia​’. 

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