Ball's Pyramid Dive Site

Dive the world famous Ball's Pyramid with Pro Dive Lord Howe Island.

Image by Scott Portelli


Lord Howe Islands Premier dive site is Ball's Pyramid. A must for all experienced divers.

Ball's Pyramid is located 20km to the south of Lord Howe Island and provides world class diving and species endemic to the region. Travel time is approximately 45 minutes. When diving Ball's Pyramid and its neighbouring sites you can expect to see massive schools of Violet Sweep, Amberjack, Kingfish, Silver Drummer, Ballina Angelfish, Rainbow Runners, Trevally and occasionally Marlin, Dolphins and Wahoo.

The dive sites average 30 metres in depth and range from drift dives, or simply following a coral wall. The Pyramid itself is located in a marine sanctuary zone which maintains the pristine aquatic environment. You can often expect to see walls of fish from the surface down to 30 metres. One of the highlights of diving Balls Pyramid is to see the Ballina Angelfish, a deep water Angel that is generally only found in water in excess of 100 metres. Ball's Pyramid is believed to be the only destination where you can see them on recreational scuba in 25 metres. A truly amazing dive.

Ball’s Pyramid trips are not scheduled weekly, once we have divers interested in going, we check the weather forecast and make a decision based on the day with the best conditions.

The fee is $320 per person for a double dive, Nitrox is also available on request for Nitrox certified divers. All divers must have adequate experience to dive at these deeper sites.

We also offer a shallow dive at Balls Pyramid at a depth of 12 metres. It's a beautiful site, suitable for inexperienced or Open Water divers. The fee is $200 per person. Why not tick visiting the world's largest monolith and diving it at once? 

Snorkelers are also welcomed, space permitting, and the fee is $150 per person.

If you book a dive package you are able to upgrade your package once on the Island to include Balls Pyramid should the conditions be possible. Divers with pre booked packages diving with Pro Dive Lord Howe Island will always take priority for this trip.